Starting New


For many of us a new year means new goals.  We make goals for work, goals for our health and fitness, goals to make our lives more balanced or to visit new places.  But do we make goals for our dogs?  Rarely.  Luckily, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers has all the encouragement you need with its 7th annual Train Your Dog Month.

That’s right.  It’s time to create goals for your dog!  Maybe you want to deal with that loose leash walking you’ve always struggled with, or maybe you just got a puppy during the holidays and you have no idea what to do.  Or maybe you have a more pressing behavior issue to tackle or you just want to build a better relationship with your dog.  Even if you feel like you are exactly where you want to be training-wise with your dog (congrats, by the way you rare unicorn, you), it could be fun to commit to one new adventure with your dog each month in 2017.  That’s 12 new hikes, walks on the coast, parks, or nature trails yet undiscovered by you and your pooch.

Whatever your goal is, make it as fun and approachable as you can for both you and your dog.  Training should make your relationship stronger, not stress either of you out.  If you need help, or if you are tackling a behavior issue, find a force free trainer that is skilled in behavior modification to help you build a plan.

Happy training!  Crossed paws you achieve your goals this year.  And remember – your dog is your partner.  Train kindly.


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